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"Often, an artist will use their own imagery to tell their story. My story is how my enamel artwork draws inspiration from the natural world focusing on Florida’s flora and fauna. My images celebrate and bring attention to what is important to me.

As I work with ideas and enamel techniques a theme will emerge and a series is born. I enjoy the explorative process. I return to a series many times with a different technique, approach, or a twist on a recurring idea. I have named my series collections according to what I am trying to express or emphasize.


The medium of enamel seems very suitable for exploring a theme. I enjoy combining several techniques in one piece. I approach the endless enamel technique possibilities through methods of drawing, painting, printing, and collage. My primary design interest is the surface design of an enamel. The layers in the enameling process allows me to build the surface with many applications and firings. The results of built-up layers of colors, lines, shapes, and textures produce a depth and richness that I find inspiring."

-Kathleen Wilcox


View these collections of works 

Avé | Birds | Botanicals

 GemsScapes | Sun

Dance | Quilts

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