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Kathleen Wilcox - Enamelist/Naturalist/Floridian


"In my childhood, I enjoyed feeding manatees, sitting on huge land turtles, handling reptiles, snorkeling, roaming the Everglades, visiting Seminole villages, and collecting specimens on the bay flats and mangrove swamps. I was surrounded by various collections of fish, birds, reptiles, skulls, feathers, shells, orchids and Indian artifacts. These early experiences have shaped my art."

-Kathleen Wilcox

Kathleen Wilcox is a contemporary enamel artist and a native Floridian. She works with the medium of enamel which is the ancient art form of fusing powdered glass to metal.

Since 1986 she has been working as a studio artist producing enamel wall pieces. Her work is exhibited and sold in international and national juried exhibits, museums, and galleries. Her enamel work and teaching research is published in the books “The Art of Enameling”, “500 Enameled Objects” and “The Fine Art of Enameling”.

Kathleen teaches enameling with over 30 years of experience. She teaches classes and private lessons from her studio space in Tallahassee, Florida and at workshops in various art centers throughout the country.

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